Technology in a rut

“You promised me Mars colonies. Instead, I got Facebook.” – Buzz Aldrin, MIT Tech Review 2012 The Apollo Mission, the controversy surrounding it’s verifiability notwithstanding, remains arguably the most audacious technological project ever undertaken successfully by humankind. A bunch of … Continue reading Technology in a rut

Rperform in Google Summer of Code 2016

Rperform had started as a GSoC 2015 project with an aim to “to provide a package with functions that make it easy for R package developers to track quantitative performance metrics of their code, over time.” Much of the functionality required for the same was implemented over the course of last summer. This included various performance visualization functions and integration with the Travis-CI workflow, among other things. The project has been accepted into the GSoC program again under the organization, R project for statistical computing. I will be working on it over the summer with my mentors, Toby Dylan Hocking … Continue reading Rperform in Google Summer of Code 2016